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Did you know? We professionally produce banknotes using magnetic ink, metallic threads, or rag paper. We use quality polymer paper, cotton elements of cellulose and precise sizes and thickness of each currency represented mostly with a weight of 80-90 grams per square meter.

Our banknotes are printed by highly qualified printing engineers from several parts of the world just to give us the best grades in the market. Our purpose is to eradicate poverty by evenly distributing wealth in the society.

Our bills are classified as grade AAA+. We have the best grades and we are available for business anywhere around the world.

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How often do you spend old banknotes? Not very often if you consider it very well. This is because banking institutions and even the closest merchants refuse to accept them. And this is a reason why you go broke once in a while.

If other stains spoil the banknote, merchants, and banks may deny it as well. It is the secret why the money launderer’s coat is stashed. So, anyone cannot spend the money if they wander into it.